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Project 365: A Picture A Day For A Year!

Thanks for stopping by my Project 365 gallery.

Project 365 is my attempt to take a photograph every day for a year.

My Day #1 is January, 20th 2011

This will be a timeline of my life, family, work & my creative mind everyday for a year. This will allow me think outside of the photography box that I sometime feel stuck in. This will force me to think in new creative ways and try new things & new ideas.

I currently am going into this "Project" without a game plan or guidelines. But I hope to change that. I hope to eventually add themes for say a week, I may even take request. The only rule that I have right now is; "To take a photo a day for a year!"

I am going to tell you that every photo may not be the very best photo, creatively or technically. But not all of them are suppose to be, this is a photograph timeline of my life and what I see, and how I see it.

My Rules

1. Take a picture EVERY day!
2. Post that image the day or day after it was taken.
3. Give each photo a comment.
4. Try new things.
5. Have Fun.

These rules can & will change. I hope to add some themes for some of the weeks.

So please check back often as this gallery will grow... Daily.



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